Folly Beach Furthers "Green" Movement with Plastic Ban

14181517171925132259At the start of 2017, a new ordinance is set to go into effect in Folly Beach. On Sunday, January 1st, beachgoers will no longer be allowed to bring plastic bags or Styrofoam coolers - among other items - onto the beach. In addition, the ordinance bans Folly Beach businesses from distributing these items to their customers.

"We decided to be proactive in the way our businesses and our visitors impact the island," Lewis Dodson, President of the Folly Association of Business, said. “We saw the damage that non-recyclable plastic bags and Styrofoam were inflicting on our most valuable assets, the beach and ocean, and we are committed to protecting these assets and being good stewards of our environment. We hope that this is the first step of many for a more sustainable way of life."

Folly has also implemented several other “green” initiatives including a community garden, water bottle refill stations, and rain barrel programs.

"This is just one small step for the health of the environment," Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin said. "Our ocean and our ocean life are important parts of what makes Folly so special, and we have to do our part to preserve our slice of paradise."

For the next few months, the town will work toward educating the public and local businesses about the new laws. For more information about Folly Beach’s new ordinance, and the items that are banned, go to

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