List of Charleston Podcasts

podcast-mic-setupLooking to learn a little bit more about Charleston? Want to get an inside look into the city straight from the people that live here? Just like most other fields in the Holy City, there is no shortage of podcasts about Charleston.

Learn more about each in the list below (last updated: 5/25/17):

  • Aural Traditions
    • "A series of audio dramas that promise to bring the ancient tradition of storytelling to the modern world"
    • Hosted by Steven Cardinal
    • Won "Best Local Podcast" in the Charleston City Paper's 2017 "Best of" issue
    • How to listen: Android, Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, their website
  • Do Work Media Podcast Network
    • "A podcast network crafted in Charleston. With topics ranging from politics to Hip Hop, you are sure to find a favorite among our wide selection of podcasts."
    • How to listen: iTunes, Soundcloud, their website
  • Effin B Radio
    • "Charleston-based comedy podcast taking a ridiculous look at the food and beverage community"
    • Hosted by: Lindsay Collins, Nikki (Anhalt) Fairman, Philip Michael Cohen
    • How to listen: iTunes, their website
  • The Fringe
    • "Bringing all new music to your earholes! We only play music from the past 7 days, so get ready to enjoy the best variety of the latest tracks"
    • Hosted by: Kalyn Oyer and DJ Edwards
    • How to listen: Soundcloud
  • I Love This Buzz
    • "Monday through Friday you can hear my raspy voice from 5a-10a on the 2 Girls and a Guy Show on Mix96 in Charleston...or at a local bar drinking a glass of wine, requesting a Britney Spears song, with a microphone in hand. Pop Culture, Relationships, Dating, & any television show on Bravo are usually my favorite topics to discuss!"
    • Hosted by: Brooke Ryan
    • How to listen: Soundcloud, their website
  • The Joseph Coker Podcast
    • "Interviewing some of the most interesting people coming in and out of Charleston, SC"
    • Hosted by: Joseph Coker
    • How to listen: iTunes, their website
  • This Should Be A Podcast
    • "Your humorous look at Charleston, South Carolina area business and culture"
    • Hosted by: Andrew Sprague, Liz Segrist, and Ryan Wilcox
    • How to listen: iTunes, their website
  • Silicon Harbor Radio
    • "The Tech Life with host Rich Conte together with Silicon Harbor Magazine bring you Silicon Harbor Radio; news and interviews from the Technology, Creative and Entrepreneur communities in Charleston, SC."
    • How to listen: their website
  • The Southern Fork
    • "Here is your access to some of the South's most interesting culinary stories; they are too good not to share! Listen and join the conversation."
    • Hosted by: Stephanie Burt
    • How to listen: iTunes and Stitcher
  • The Thread
    • "Two months and 13 days separate two shootings that changed South Carolina forever. This first season of The Thread will explore larger issues that connect these two murder trials and the conversations that they have unearthed and reignited."
    • Hosted by: Caitlin Byrd
    • How to listen: iTunes and Soundcloud
  • The Winnow
    • "The Post and Courier's food editor Hanna Raskin and Southern Living's contributing barbecue editor Robert Moss in 2016 teamed up to launch The Winnow, a podcast devoted to what's happening in the Southern food world. "
    • Hosted by: Hanna Raskin and Robert Moss
    • How to listen: iTunes


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