Charleston Hospitality Group Helps Save Kentucky Couple’s Flooded Wedding

The Letchers (Provided)

The Charleston Hospitality Group (CHG) says they were able to save a Kentucky couple's wedding after their original plans were washed away by Tropical Storm Irma.

Here's the story straight from the CHG:

"Louisville residents Jack and Taylor Letcher were having lunch at Toast (downtown) late on the afternoon two days before their planned Charleston wedding when the hurricane related cancellation calls started coming in. “Dad, who had my gown and Jack’s suit, was driving down from TN and said he had to turn around or risk driving into the storm. Next, it was the wedding planner, then the caterer. It all happened in five minutes,” explains Taylor. Jack asked our server if he knew a notary public. He responded that he actually did.

From there, things happened really fast.  Server Jon O’Leary found CHG Resource Management Director Alexis McDaniel (who happened to be at the restaurant) and confirmed that CHG Controller Jenny Colvin is a State of SC Notary Public and she could marry the couple that day or tomorrow.  The wedding was arranged to take place at Eli’s Table the next day, September 8. Colvin served as a notary, Eli’s Table served the wedding feast to the Letchers and their guests on Eli’s sunny courtyard, CHG Marketing Manager (and professional photographer) J Michael Walker took the photos, and server Jon O’Leary served as a witness to the wedding. “It was truly amazing and as if it was all meant to be, and we were not charged a penny. We experienced so much love and care in Charleston and with Charleston Hospitality Group. We’ll be back next year and for all of our anniversaries. But, just not during hurricane season,” says Mrs. Taylor Letcher."

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