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Black Magic Cafe - 103 W. Erie, Folly Beach, SC


(Picture stolen from their Facebook page)


Coffee? On the beach?


I'll admit, on face value, visiting an espresso bar before hitting the beach seems kind of silly. Black Magic Cafe quickly put me in my place however.


The tiny coffee shop off Center Street serves so much more than just piping hot Joe. Beach-goers will be pleased to know there are PLENTY of iced beverages to help them cool off after a long day in the sun. The menu includes smoothies, frozen coffee blends, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, parfaits, salads, and an assortment of bottled beverages.


On both of my visits, the staff was very friendly and helpful. In fact, I wanted a fruit and yogurt parfait on my second trip but there were none available in their normal location. One of the employees told me they should be able to make one for me anyway. Sure enough, they put together my request without any fuss! I definitely appreciated them for meeting my request even though they were under no obligation to do so with their daily quota gone.


The parfait and coffee were delicious. As was the "Zippy Bean" - a coffee and mayan-spiced chocolate blended drink - the cafe's speciality.


There is plenty of seating in the small building and back porch area if you'd like to enjoy the sunny weather. Most folks seemed to get their orders to go, but many hung around to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The free (and fast) WiFi was also a nice plus!


Not only is Black Magic Cafe an awesome locally owned and operated business, it's an awesome place period. Be sure to grab the cool beverage and/or meal of your choice the next time you find yourself on Folly Beach, I know I will be!



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