Does This Ponytail Make My Butt Look Big?

One of the goals I have for this site is to promote and help local businesses, charities, events, artists, authors, etc. gain some more attention.


And this entry will be no different. A good friend of mine, and former Charleston resident (don't worry her parents still live here), is trying to raise some money to help fund her dream of publishing a book. Her and her co-author have about a month left to reach their goal to get "Does This Ponytail Make My Butt Look Big?" published.


You can help by donating through IndieGoGo, which is located here.


Don't have the appropriate funds? You can still help! Here some FREE ways to chip in:

1. Add a comment to their page which increases the likelihood they end up on IndieGoGo's main page

2. Like their page on Facebook (there's a link on their donation page to do this).

3. Embed their logo on your site.

4. Tweet about their donation page.

5. "+1 it" on Google+

6. You can also visit their official site.


Thanks for your help!



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