Before I Die... Exhibit

I had a chance to visit the "Before I Die..." mural at Redux Studios recently and got to experience the interactive project. For those who missed it, HERE's my preview of the mural. The mural takes up an entire wall outside the studios and kind of looks like a giant chalkboard. This, it turns out, is by design because Holy City visitors are invited to participate in the project!

The gallery describes the project as an “interactive public art project where we can discover the ambitions of the people around us.” The wall is covered by the phrase "Before I Die" and anyone is welcome to fill in their own ending. Pictures will be taken of the mural on a weekly basis, the wall will be erased, and the project starts over. It will be on display until December 30, 2011, so be sure to go check it out, pick up some chalk and participate! I did and it was really fun. Plus, someone at the studio let my girlfriend and I into the studio to check out the newest exhibit. You can get some information about their latest exhibit HERE and see pictures of my trip below


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