A Dog For Kate

While working hard (browsing the Internet) at work today, I stumbled upon a Tweet on Mellow Mushroom's Twitter accountthat mentioned their support of a charity called "A Dog For Kate." It immediately peaked my interest so I checked it out. Kate is a six-year-old who suffers from Type I Diabetes.

The website dedicated to her cause says her condition leaves her "with life-threatening sugar highs that make her hyperactive and emotional and sugar lows that could send her spiraling into a diabetic coma….A specially trained service dog could save her life. Diabetic Alert Dogs are highly trained purebreds able to detect the beginning of a sugar high or low long before their companions actually exhibit symptoms. Because of the intense training these service dogs go through and continue to go through after they leave the breeder, they are very expensive."

The site says Kate still needs about $10,000 to get her dog. Mellow Mushroom aided the cause by offering a special pizza with proceeds going to A Dog For Kate. I have a feeling the six-year-old may have had a hand in creating the pizza- it was a sausage pizza...with a side of sprinkles.

Although the special pizza is no longer available, you can still donate by visiting A Dog For Kate's website HERE.

Holy City Sinner