Places of Worship: Gene's Haufbrau

This is a review I wrote about Gene’s Haufbrau on 3/23/11...

After walking around Charles Towne Landing for a couple hours, we had worked up quite an appetite and thirst, so we went looking for Gene’s. None of us had been there before but we were anxious to check out “Charleston’s Oldest Bar.”

Gene’s is located within a small strip of shops, bars, and restaurants and is pretty popular. Besides the standard bar there are a few booths and plenty of games. I don’t just mean pool and darts – the bar also has Yahtzee, trivia and much more.

The other draw to Gene’s is their insane amount of beer. They have well over 100 different beers from throughout the world available. I love trying different types of beers and I could easily spent an entire day (or until I passed out) drinking different types of brew.

I opted for some English favorites – Boddington’s, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Ale and one from Singapore (Tiger Beer).

Boddington’s was pretty watered-down, but not terrible by any means. The Monty Python and Blonde Bombshells were pretty tasty, but I didn’t care for the Tiger Beer. Despite the mixed results, I really enjoyed Gene’s. They had some pretty tasty bar food (loaded fries, nachos), which made the place even cooler.

If you like beer, definitely check out Gene’s as soon as humanly possible.

Holy City Sinner