The Orange Spot Needs Your Help!

Back in March I shared the story of The Orange Spot Coffeehouse and I'm happy to report that the gals are well on their way to opening! However, there is still work to do and YOU can help. The group is running a second fundraiser through Chipin.com, which you can visit HERE.

What's this second round about? Well, I'll let the Orange Spot folks explain it: "With all the donations from the first round, we were able to open a business account and now have all of our in-house mugs. To see our 'Mugshots' album visit our Facebook page @The Orange Spot Coffeehouse.

Initially, we planned to only host one chipin.com event, but due to the overwhelming response and your requests, we have brought the link back for another month. This time we will be using the money to build a front deck...so please, help us get decked out!"

Like their Facebook page HERE.

Follow them on TWITTER.

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