Football in Charleston!

The Holy City already has some top-tier minor league baseball and hockey programs both of which draw respectable crowds, so why not add another team to the mix? Enter: FOOTBALL IN CHARLESTON! However, this won't be your traditional organization. The Charleston Man-of-War squad, which held it's first combine on Saturday, will be run more like a "professional boxer" than a standard pigskin squad.


The team will not have a set schedule, league affiliation, nor will it have a specific season. Instead the team will be "the first ever U.S. International Football Organization," which means it will randomly schedule opponents instead of participating in typical league-play. Four opponents have already been scheduled, but no set dates are on the calendar as there is still work to be done.


The team still has to finalize their roster, fill out their coaching staff, hire other staff members and choose an official team logo. You can help them with the latter by voting HERE. You can also donate some cash to formation of the team HERE.


It's an interesting concept and HolyCitySinner.com will certainly be following their progress. For now, you can check out their official website HERE.

Holy City Sinner