Kegs and Eggs

Mellow Mushroom is bringing a taste of my college years to Avondale for a new event. Each month the location will throw a Kegs and Eggs Party, which was a standard celebration at a bar near my school of higher education, so you can imagine my excitement. Besides the standard delicious food and tasty craft beers, Mellow Mushroom will also be offering new morning cocktails. The new libations can be found below. The Kegs and Eggs event starts on Saturday, June 30th at 11 am and runs until 3 pm.
Allahave A Black Coffee
    - 10oz glass full of ice
    - 3oz cold cinnamon-sugared coffee
    - 3oz Allagash Black
I Couldn't Beerlini It! or just The Beerlini
     - Champagne Flute
     - 1/2 Poema Cava
     - 1/2 Son of a Peach
German Sunrise
     - 16oz Chilled Pilsner Glass
     - 14oz Franziskaner
     - 2oz Chambord
Irish Lumberjack
     - 10oz glass
     - 2 oz Benchmark
     - 4 count maple syrup. No squeezing!
     - Shake on ice and strain into glass
     - Top with Guinness
AvonDale's Pale Ginger Ale
     - 10oz glass full of ice
     - 2 oz Virgil Kane
     - Top with Dales Pale Ale
     - 16oz pint glass
     - 12 oz High Life
     - 2 oz Sunny Delight Original
Not Your Mama's Michelada
     - 16oz pint glass full of ice with salt rim
     - 1.5oz Montezuma tequila
     - 2oz Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
     - Squeezed lime wedge
     - Top with Corona Extra
The Hopsicle
     - Chilled martini glass
     - 2 oz Cointreau
     - 0.5oz citrus simple syrup
     - Shake and strain into martini glass
     - Top off with Foothills Hoppyum
Holy City Sinner