Help Nani Ditch Ewing's Sarcoma

A fellow Charlestonian is in need of help, so let's do what the Holy City does best and rally around one of our own!

Christiana Gilliland (she goes by Nani), a Wando High School graduate was recently diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. She's about to undergo 33 weeks of intensive treatment, but her health insurance won't cover all of the costs.

Her uncle has set up a Fundrazr.com page to help offset any charges that will not be covered.

Ms. Holy City Sinner can vouch for the authenticity of the fundraiser as she went to high school with Nani and her older sister. If you have further questions, Nani's uncle has said you may contact him as well.

Head HERE to help Nani out!


***UPDATE*** There will be a fundraising event at Graze in Mt. Pleasant on July 9! During the event 100% of all tips and 10% of sales will go to the cause. Click HERE for more info

Holy City Sinner