Bros Being Bros: Folly Beach Brawl

Sounds like some Bros had a few too many brewskis out on Folly Beach. Live5News is reporting that multiple people were arrested after a brawl broke out on the Edge of America. The fight included beach-goers hitting police officers with wiffle ball bats. Bravo to the police for calming the situation down as quickly as they could and putting some Bros in handcuffs. Full story is HERE. Picture stolen from THIS site.


***UPDATE 7/6/12*** The Post & Courier has an even more detailed account about the Bro-fest that became a huge fight.

The opening told me all I needed to know: "They pulled onto the beach in four tour buses with a deejay and a makeshift dance floor and left behind more than 100 bags of trash."

Really? Could you fit the stereotype any more? You could just tell these people were going to be a problem.

After reading more about the incident, I'm glad that the incident didn't escalate into something far worse. Happy to see 7 Bros behind bars.

***Update 7/6/12*** And now some video from the incident has surfaced on YouTube.


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