Folly Booze Ban: Best Social Media Reactions

Picture Taken from @KevinAllenSmith's Twitter

Here are some of the best social media reactions to the Folly Booze Ban:

-Mama Awesomesauce (@JaneticsInk): I lived on folly beach and the drinking on the beach is least of their problems.

-Jonah Jeter(@jonahjeter): all ‪#chs‬ beaches are public beaches. the decision should not be left up solely to Folly residents

-Kevin(@KevinAllenSmith): Is there a way to just ban douchebags from Folly instead?

-Will Bullock (@houseofbullock): That's probably why there aren't dissenting voices at this meeting: the dissenters are chilling out with a beer somewhere

-Will Bullock @houseofbullock: Hearing Oprah just slammed a 12-pack, then drop-kicked 2 cops on Folly Beach. Can anyone confirm? #chs

-Kevin ‏(@KevinAllenSmith): "You get an alcohol ban! And you get an alcohol ban! Every beach gets an alcohol ban!" - @oprah

-Topher Cassidy: Leave it to a bunch of jacka$$es to screw it up for everyone.

-Danielle McBain: Here comes the pre-mixed drinks in 20oz soda bottles!

-Rachel Sneed: Pretty sad that a bunch of 20 yr old jerk-offs can ruin it for all.

-Danielle McBain ( @ddmcbain): First it's drinks from solo cups only. Then no glass. Then the parking. Soon Folly Beach is going to be a gated community!

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