Orange Spot Update

Back in March and May of this year I shared the story of the fledgling Orange Spot Coffeehouse. When my favorite java spot (LOCAL Market) closed up, I began the search for a new place to find my caffeine fix. I eventually caught wind of the Orange Spot and immediately knew I wanted to throw my support behind it. I recognized one of the people behind the business, Julie, was a former employee of LOCAL. Anytime I stopped by for a coffee she was always cheery and kind to each patron that came in.

Just last month I happened to run into Julie who introduced me to her business partner Laura. It was great to speak face-to-face with them and hear all about their exciting plans.

Speaking of which, I was able to catch up with them recently and am happy to provide you with some updates on their progress!

Julie and Laura have purchased some equipment and met with several local roasters and bakers in order to sample coffees, cookies, pastries and snacks. They've also been trying to perfect some of their processes - including their method for making cha yen, which is the Thai iced tea that inspired the Orange Spot name.

Plenty of progress has been made, but they still have a little ways to go until their grand opening. Some start-up is still needed before the property they've been eyeing can be scooped up and announced.

In the meantime, Julie and Laura are continuing to work towards their goal while still participating in some local events. In fact, you may see them at the Mixon Makers Market on August 5th!

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