Kate Gets Her Dog!

I'm ecstatic to pass along word that Kate has gotten her dog! For those of you needing a refresher... I wrote about Kate and her family's quest to find a service dog a couple of times over the last year. Six-year-old Kate suffers from Type I Diabetes and her condition leaves her with life-threatening sugar highs and lows that could lead to a diabetic coma. It was determined that a specially trained service dog could save her life. 

Diabetic Alert Dogs are highly trained purebreds that are able to detect the beginning of a sugar high or low long before their companions actually show any symptoms. These types of dogs are quite expensive because of the amount of training they go through and Kate's family needed help raising money.

They created a website and within a few months they had raised enough money to get Kate her service dog. The family decided to "pay it forward" as they continued raising money to help other families in need of a service dog.

Everyone who donated received a "Thank You" card from Kate, which really brightened my day when I got mine in the mail. It's the little things like that which make this story even more heart-warming.

On Monday Sprinkels, the name Kate bestowed on the puppy, came to her new home. All the hard work and kindness from the community finally paid off. Seeing the news reports have been incredible and this is certainly one of the most uplifting stories I've heard in a while.

ABC News 4 has much more info about his amazing story HERE.

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