Wait, What?!: Political Skinny Dipping

FYI - I'm stealing the title from Norm Macdonald's short-lived "Sports Show."

I spend a lot of my day combing over Twitter, Facebook, and various news sites for possible updates for this blog. Well, that, and I'm huge news nerd. Regardless of the reasoning, I sometimes stumbled across some ridiculous headlines/stories that make me do a double-take.

Yesterday, inbetween the normal boring headlines, I saw this:

GOP rep sorry for nude swim in Sea of Galilee

Wait, what?!

"A GOP freshman congressman from Kansas apologized last night for a nude swim in the Sea of Galilee last summer during an official trip to Israel.

Rep. Kevin Yoder issued a statement after Politico reported the FBI investigated the incident, which included drinking and involved several lawmakers and top congressional aides.

The Sea of Galilee is a holy site to Christians. The Bible says it is where Jesus walked on water."

Holy City Sinner