Return to Folly

I have been quite critical of the residents, political officials, and police department at Folly Beach, but I still love the city itself. My family was just in town for about a week and they rented a house near 10th Street. I spent multiple days there and had a great time.

Whether at front beach, the wash-out or anywhere in between, there's a spot for everyone to enjoy. Plus, there are some fun bars, good restaurants, and awesome food trucks. You can visit the more populated area around the main street or you can head towards the more reserved areas. There really is something for everyone.

Despite having a great time on the Edge of America, the memory that will stick with me most is how dead the beach was. This wasn't a complete shock during the weekdays, but it was surprising how feel people were enjoying the great weather on Saturday.

Even the super popular Taco Boy had no wait during the lunch hour. normally, the place is packed.

It seems the alcohol ban is certainly keeping people out of the area. Sure, I was happy the beach was quiet and relaxing and I didn't have to fight a crowd at any point, but it was still sad.

Local businesses are suffering and it appears that trend will continue over the final weeks of summer and into the fall. I'm sure the residents are pleased with the lack of traffic, but it may have unintended consequences.

Not being (legally) able to drink on Folly Beach is certainly annoying, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. I encourage you all to continue frequenting Folly and supporting the local businesses out there - it's still a great place!

Holy City Sinner