#SCHacked Update

The hits just keep coming...

Here is the latest about the South Carolina Department of Revenue being hacked:

  1. The DOR  is now saying that it wasn't just the 3 million-plus residents of the state who had their social security numbers hacked, but also the tax records of many businesses were stolen as well.
  2. A law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Gov. Nikki Haley and the DOR.
  3. Experian, the credit watch-dog company, agreed to cap the state at $12 million for their services.
  4. It's also being reported that this is probably the largest cyber-attack against a state tax department in the nation's history.
  5. The activation code (if you haven't found it yet) for the Experian website is SCDOR123. This will get you one free year of credit monitoring. Do this ASAP.


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Holy City Sinner