Ok, seriously, is this just an elaborate prank?

I'm only laughing to prevent myself from crying. This entire South Carolina Department of Revenue hacking scandal is just getting more and more ridiculous. Live 5 News is now reporting quite the bombshell, which I wish was surprising, but instead is just following the recurring themes of betrayal, laziness, and incompetence.

Here's some excerpts from the Live 5 News report:

The South Carolina Department of Revenue had access to free network monitoring through the state's internet technology department, but never chose to use it. That information came out Thursday in a letter from the Division of Information Technology director Jimmy Early to state Senator Vincent Sheheen, who is independently investigating the cyber attack.

The letter shows a list of municipal, county and state agencies who signed up for the network monitoring, but shows the South Carolina Department of Revenue chose to only have part of its network monitored. The report shows the networks SCDOR did not have the state monitor were the ones a foreign hacker stole 3.6 million South Carolina social security numbers from.

SCDOR did not fully implement the cyber monitoring until Oct. 20; a full 10 days after the state found out a hacker stole personal information from the department.

Brilliant work by the SCDOR. This latest piece of news also contradicts Governor Nikki Haley's constant assertion that nothing could be done to prevent this theft. Not only could something have been done, it was a FREE solution.

The full article can be viewed HERE.


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