Soooo, about that credit protection from the state...

I've made my feelings well-known about the South Carolina Department of Revenue debacle, but even I am shocked at home the situation continues to get worse.

I thought the free year of credit monitoring the state offered was the bare minimum they could have done, but at least it was something. Our information was compromised, so we were given the services of a top-notch credit watchdog company. So we can rest easy knowing our credit and identity are safe from treacherous thieves, right? Well, maybe not so much...

Today via Twitter, FITSNews pointed out a Bloomberg article that is less than confidence-inspiring in their reporting on Experian's security. The piece, which was posted on October 29th (or just three days after the hacking announcement), says Experian's servers were also compromised. It's important to note that the company's network wasn't directly hacked, but rather "affiliated businesses, such as banks, auto dealers and even a police department that rely on reporting agencies for background credit checks" were targeted.

According to the Bloomberg piece, there have been about 90 breaches using this method at the major credit reporting agencies over the last six years.

Feeling better? Yea, me neither.


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