As you may already know, November has been designated as "Movember" or "No Shave November" by various charities. Although the names may differ, the goal is the same - to raise money for health organizations like Prostate Cancer Foundation, Livestrong, Movember Foundation, and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

No matter the cause, many men are growing out mustaches and I'm proud to say I am one of them. Some buddies and I started a team on the official Movember site with the goal of donating and raising money for the charities. And yea, ok, we also did it to grow creepy facial hair (much to the chagrin of our employers and significant others).

We would love and appreciate any and all help you can give. The first step is to join our team (Team Holy City)! No donation is required to join the squad, but feel free to contribute any funds you have to spare. You can also donate without joining the team.

If you can't donate or join, feel free to forward the link to whomever may.

Thanks a lot and have a great Movember!


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Holy City Sinner