South Carolina vs Clemson at the Hippodrome

If you aren't making the trip to Death Valley to see the University of South Carolina take on Clemson in person, the Hippodrome has a good backup plan - watching the game on their HUGE movie screen. The first annual Great Divide will take place this Saturday (11/24) starting at 11 am. The event is free to attend, but will cost you $20 to get a seat inside the Hippodrome Theater.

For those that decide not to pay, there will be a trailer outside with 5 televisions broadcasting the day's games. There will also be food trucks, bars, prizes and a corn-hole tournament for all of those in attendance.

Although the South Carolina/Clemson game will be the highlight of the evening, all the other rivalry games will be on display - Michigan/Ohio State, Florida/Florida State, Mississippi/Mississippi St, Alabama/Auburn, Georgia/Georgia Tech, Virginia/Virgina Tech, Oregon/Oregon State, Oklahoma/Oklahoma St, and Notre Dame/Southern Cal.

For more information, click HERE.

WHAT:  The Great Divide
WHERE: The Hippodrome, 360 Concord Street
WHEN: 11/24/12, 11 am - 11 pm
COST: Free or $20 if you want to sit inside

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