Need Real Estate Help?

Full disclaimer: I am friends with the representative I'm about to write about in this post. However, I would not vouch for her in such a public forum if I did not actually believe she and her coworkers were awesome at their jobs.


If you are thinking about doing ANYTHING related to real estate, you need to call Kimberly Layman at Carolina One Real Estate. I cannot sing her and her team's praises loud enough. She's part of Shirley Phillips' great team in Summerville, but they aid people all over the Charleston area.

That team, specifically Ms. Layman, has been assisting my girlfriend and I in our pursuit to find a house. Without a doubt we would be lost without them. They have been helpful, insightful, and very accommodating. Ms. Layman has traveled all over the city to show us houses and is available just about 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns we have.

Be sure to get a hold of Ms. Layman and the team in Summerville if you are thinking about renting, buying, or selling a home. For more information, be sure to check out her Facebook page HERE and HERE.


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