Stephen Colbert for U.S. Senate!

stephen-colbert-south-carolina-primary-470x290About a week ago Senator Jim DeMint announced his retirement from the U.S. Senate effective in January. Talk immediately switched to who would replace DeMint in the Senate and the rumor mill hasn't stopped since.

It should come as no surprise that Charleston's favorite son, Stephen Colbert, has been at the center of most of these rumors. People here love him and Colbert knows it.

“They love me in the Palmetto State because I love it,” he said on Monday's Colbert Report. “I love the beaches, I love the mountains, I love the beautiful old estates that have no negative historical connotation whatsoever” (see can see the full clip below).

Many South Carolina residents have proven Colbert right as they've tried to convince Governor Nikki Haley that he is the best choice for the open seat. Thousands of people flooded her Twitter and Facebook accounts with endorsements for Colbert.

Plus, a recent poll showed the state prefers Colbert over any other option. toby-turtleSure, he's a faux conservative on a fake news program, but would he actually be worse than some of our current senators? I mean, our "leaders" in the Senate hit a new low this week when Minority Leader, and confirmed cartoon turtle (right), Mitch McConnell filibustered HIMSELF. Way to get things done! I'm glad to see you are all working together for the betterment of our nation and not having petty arguments and playing childish games with each other.

There's already a website and Twitter account dedicated to Colbert's potential appointment and I wholeheartedly agree with the creators of those entities! That's right, HolyCitySinner.com is officially endorsing Stephen Colbert for the U.S. Senate seat!

Stephen for U.S. Senate

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