Home-Ped: Charleston's Designated Driver Service


***UPDATE 12/31/12*** The company will be featured on ABC News 4 tonight at 6 pm and 7 pm!


Ms. Holy City Sinner recently met the owner of a business called Home-Ped. After hearing what type of service they provided, she couldn't wait to tell me about this unique business.

Suffice it to say, she has a good eye for stories, because Home-Ped is certainly one-of-a-kind. Neither of us have used this service, so we don't know much about it outside of what the owner told her and what I found on their website. If anyone has or will end up using it, let me now about it!

Here's their own description of the services they provide:

1) Connect with Home-Ped via call (843-412-9716) or email ([email protected]) when you need our service or on the street during a night on the town.  Don’t forget that we also accept reservations for any event, party, or evening out.

2) Home-Ped driver arrives to pick-up location via motorbike.

3) Driver folds up, bags & places the motorbike in trunk.

4) Driver obtains keys to your vehicle.

5) Driver drives you, your party, AND your car home or a different drop-off location.

6) Driver gives back keys to vehicle & takes folded up motorbike out of trunk.

7) Assembles motorbike for street use & returns to service location on motorbike ready for the next customer.

It sounds like an awesome service to me. Not only will you not be driving drunk, but you also wouldn't have to worry about getting your car the next morning. Pricing is reasonable as well, especially if you consider you may be splitting it with friends.

Here are some FAQ about the business for you to look over as well.

I reached out to the company and hope to have an interview posted with them shortly.

Holy City Sinner