South Carolina Pols Propose Cops, Guns in Schools


***UPDATE 12/21/12*** Mayor Summey's proposal was approved. The Town Council voted to permanently have police officers in all public elementary schools in North Charleston.


***UPDATE: 12/20/12*** This news has sparked a small discussion over at the Charleston Reddit page. Feel free to weigh in!


You knew some changes could be coming, but who thought South Carolina politicians would move this quickly? About 4 days after the tragic shooting in Newtown, two separate stories effecting schools from the state have emerged.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey (left) has proposed that the city pay to put police officers in every elementary school in the city. Officers are already in the middle and high schools. According to the Post & Courier this change would "require the city to hire 21 police officers, at an annual cost of about 1.5 million...An extra half-million would be needed in the first year, for cars and equipment."

Meanwhile, Florence Republican Representative Phillip Lowe filed a bill with the state House of Representatives that would allow school employees with a concealed weapons permit to bring a firearm into the school. You can read more details over on Live 5 News.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

If you'd like to let Rep. Lowe know how you feel about his bill, contact him here.



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