The Charleston Christmas Special

cmhtreeLast night Ms. Holy City Sinner and I attended The Charleston Christmas Special at the Charleston Music Hall and despite it being "kids night," we still had a good time.

The little ones in attendance were all on their best behavior, so us big kids could enjoy some wholesome, corny, Christmas cheer.

I had never been to the Music Hall, so I was excited to see inside the building. It wasn't anything special, but it was nice. The Christmas decorations helped you get in the holiday spirit, but the place is a little cramped. It was a sold-out show so the intermission and leaving post-show were claustrophobia-inducing.

Brad and Jennifer Moranz were once again in charge of the production and they did a great job of putting on another family friendly show with enough production value and humor to keep the adults entertained as much as the kids.

The show mostly consisted of singers and dancers performing traditional Christmas songs with only a few deviations. There were a few skits, instances of audience participation and even a little improv to keep the show lively.

The singers and dancers were all very talented (many of them have professional or collegiate training) and multifaceted.

All-in-all it was a fun evening, but may not be your cup of tea. I definitely recommend you attend if you have children though.

Holy City Sinner