Are You Kidding Me!??: A SC Agency HACKED AGAIN


***UPDATE 12/23/12*** The West Ashley Patch is now reporting that no personal information has been compromised.


Can the government agencies in this state do anything right?

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce's (SCDEW) website was hacked today. Currently, the webpage is inaccessible but earlier in the day there was image saying the site had been hacked. At this point there is no evidence of any information being stolen.

Regardless, this isn't exactly confidence-inspiring as I'm sure you are all aware of the previous hacking scandal just a few months ago. Plus, the SC Department of Health and Human Services released confidential Medicare and Medicaid records by accident.

Come on, South Carolina, you've got to do better.

For those interested in learning more about the SCDEW, head over to FITSNews who describes some of the other problems the agency has encountered.



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