SC Senator Would Support Federal Gun Control....kind of

leebrightIn a move that would completely defeat the purpose of any gun control laws set forth by the government, Senator Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg) has proposed a bill that would exempt South Carolina-made guns from federal rules.

I'd be surprised if this happened in any another state, but I'm used to these shenanigans in the Palmetto State. It's even less shocking when it comes from the Upstate region. The politicians up there are extra bonkers.

To be fair, Bright's proposal only applies to pistols and rifles. So, if a federal ban went into effect regarding semi-automatic weapons, this bill would not exempt them. Specifically, The State reports:

"The bill does not apply to firearms that cannot be carried or used by one person or that have a bore diameter greater than 1.5 inches. It also doesn't cover firearms that fire multiple projectiles by pulling the trigger, or one that uses ammunition that explodes after leaving the weapon."

So, it's not completely insane - just misguided.

However, if you take a look at Bright's Facebook page or Twitter account you can see how he really feels. His feeds are littered with anti-gun control messages. Although his bill makes it seem like he is ok with banning assault-style weapons, he clearly feels the exact opposite of that. Not to mention he outright LIES about his bill. In one post, he states:

"A bill I prefiled in the state senate will exempt any firearm, accessory or ammunition manufactured and kept in South Carolina from federal regulations"

This is false.

Senator Bright, if your bill will exempt ANY firearm, why does it specifically mention a few types of firearms it would not protect?

Obviously, he's just pandering to the extreme 2nd Amendment folks out there to ensure he garners as much support as possible. All of this is typical politics, especially in South Carolina.



Photo taken from Bright's Facebook Page

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