Home-Ped Featured on ABC News 4

JPG-Logo-Final-1050x400A couple weeks ago I posted a piece about Home-Ped, the new designated driver service based out of Charleston. Their unique service helped make that article one of the more popular entries on this site for the month of December. I noticed the post was shared quite a bit on Facebook and Twitter, which led to many page views.

It was clear that the Holy City had an interest in this company. So it came as no surprise when I heard they were going to be featured on local television last night (12/31/12).

I like to think their appearance was my doing. Now, I have no proof of this whatsoever, but I'm still going to think that my feature led to them being interviewed by ABC News 4. Why do I think this? Well, honestly, I just want to pad my ego to start the new year, but Dean Stephens, the anchor who interviewed them, does follow me on Twitter. Hmmmm...

Other than that, I have zero reason to believe I had anything to do with their first TV interview. Just let me have this one ok?

Regardless, congrats to the Home-Ped guys! Check out the video below.
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