26 Days with Charlie Mag

26daysCharlie Mag, the periodical dedicated to progressive culture in Charleston, has jumped on the #26Acts movement. Every day they will be posting a new goal for the Holy City community to embark on. Here's the plan, in their own words:

Resolution time. But let’s spice things up this year. Instead of the standard, obligatory and often insignificant resolution, how about we change the world?

For 26 days, we will post one act a day that fosters community, positivity and love, in honor of those who lost their lives in Newtown. We ask you to join us in making a truly meaningful and significant resolution to participate in “26 Days.” Each day will be something simple that anyone can do; simply check back here daily for that day’s act. If you’ll vow with us, we encourage you to please sign your name in the comments section below so we can proudly see our community participating.

We are so grateful to have a platform that can inspire positivity and community action. We hope you’ll join us. Like, really, really, really badly.

Check out what their first goal is and check back daily for more!

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