So...this is apparently happening at Northwoods Mall today....


***UPDATE 1/6/13*** - WCBD has a story about the Nurse-In which you can read or watch HERE.

According to KVUE, a Houston-area mother claims she was harassed and embarrassed by a Hollister employee because she was breastfeeding her baby near the store. The ensuing uproar over how she was treated has led to the creation of a nationwide "Nurse-In" at all Hollister locations. These sit-ins are scheduled to occur today.

This, of course, includes the store in the Northwoods Mall in North Charleston. The Facebook event page created for this local nurse-in lists 14 people that state they are going to attend.

So, if you're an outraged mother, a supporter, a hungry baby, a creeper, or just bored today, it all goes down at 3 pm.

Side note - I regret doing an image search on Google for "Nurse-In." I'm going to have some explaining to do if Ms. Holy City Sinner looks at my internet history.



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