Beware of Incoming Tourists!

Charleston_aerialViewTheBatteryCooperRiverBridgeMove over Gangnam Style, we're coming for you! The Holy City is moving up in the Google ranks and is showing no sign of stopping.

Wheretraveler.com revealed that Charleston is the third most searched travel destination behind New Orleans and New Zealand.

The website got this information from Orbitz, who used its own data from 2012 to "predict the hot spots for 2013."

Here's what Wheretraveler had to say about the Holy City:

"Charleston rounds out the No. 3 spot thanks to a stable of recent travel awards, the upcoming Pro Am golf tournament in March and the state’s first multi-port billfishing tournament in June—plus its usual draw of historic homes, war history, great beaches and plethora of seafood houses."

Read the entire article HERE.

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