BREAKING NEWS: 150 Layoffs at Blackbaud Today

l_Daniel Island Blackbaud***UPDATE 1/24/13*** - Blackbaud CEO Marc Chardon is stepping down.

***UPDATE, 5:35 pm*** Blackbaud released a statement which you can read at the bottom of this piece.

***UPDATE, 3:06 pm*** - The Post & Courier spoke with someone at Blackbaud and found out that 50 of the 150 people laid off were from the Daniel Island location.

Read their article for more details.

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Social media is abuzz with news that Blackbaud laid off 150 employees today. No official word has come from the Daniel Island company, so these reports are technically unconfirmed at this time, but it appears at least the gist is true. The total number of employees could vary. So, check back.


Statement from Blackbaud (as reported by WCBD):

"Today, we informed approximately 150 employees across the entire organization and in multiple locations that their positions have been eliminated. Approximately 50 of these positions are based out of Charleston. These employees will remain with us until the end of January (and in some cases longer) and will be provided with support during their transition.

This restructuring provides us with the right foundation to ensure that we deliver the right products, services, and support that our customers, partners, and investors expect from us. We are confident that these changes will allow us to serve them better and more efficiently so we can strengthen our offerings and grow into the future."





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