Jerk of the Week: Todd Kincannon

I’ve decided to start a new feature called the Jerk of the Week because, well, there are a ton of jerks out there. To see the previous jerks, click here.

This week's selection was brought to my attention by a reader named Nora. "Congrats" to Todd Kincannon for being this past week's biggest jerk!

The former SC GOP Executive Director tried his hand at some boorish amateur comedy during the Super Bowl, which garnered some of the attention he so desperately wanted. He tweeted numerous "jokes" about Trayvon Martin, Hurricane Katrina and more.

It should come as no shock that this attention whore has attempted this whole schtick before. He made some other racially insensitive remarks during the 2011 Super Bowl.

I almost didn't want to give this guy any more coverage, because it appears that this was his intention all along. He is screaming for attention and loves when people get riled up. I decided to still go ahead and write about him, so that I can urge you to ignore him. Don't send him any tweets, don't e-mail him. Know that he is an attention-craving moron and leave it at that.

He's like the annoying kid on the playground. Don't give him what he wants and he'll go away.



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