Fun with Mugshots

Ok, I admit it - I periodically look at the mugshots on the Patch websites (Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, etc.). Don't act like you don't do the same!

Anyway...while browsing the photos I've noticed that sometimes the mugshot looks exactly like I would have pictured it in my mind after reading the charges.

For instance...

If I told you a person was charged with possession of marijuana, you may imagine the mugshot would feature someone looking a little stoned. Maybe they are staring blankly into space...

You know, kinda like this guy:

mugshotSee what I mean?

If I said the next charge was public intoxication, your mind could be going in any number of directions.

But once you see this mugshot, you'll probably say, "Yea, a guy with a face and throat tattoo...that makes sense."

bfb20c799a9a55265345e6ab879f2ae2Speaking of drunk, he was probably sauced when he made the brilliant decision to get some sweet cheek ink.

Or maybe the public drunk you imagined had a black eye:

publicdrunkEither way, it works.

Or maybe you envisioned someone a little crazy looking...


What about Criminal Domestic Violence? Did you imagine someone with multiple lacerations and a sling on their arm?

cdvLooks like he might have gotten the worst of it..

Sometimes the charge doesn't really matter because, really, any charge makes sense...

e1c0689af5f08fd7d61a3caf7fab6953For the record: it was trespassing

I tend to get bored a lot, so prepare for more Fun With Mugshots in the future!


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