FREE Dishcrawl Ticket Giveaway!


***UPDATE, 2/19/13*** Thanks to all who participated! The contest is now closed.

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Do YOU want to attend the Dishcrawl in Mount Pleasant tomorrow for FREE!? Of course you do!

Who wouldn't want to enjoy tasty dishes from four different restaurants with options like: scam rolls, tuna tataki, a "golden pretzel roll" with in-house queso dip, triple-flavor wings, chicken hog, low country rolls, churros, and flan!?


Sounds delicious right? Great ready because the Dishcrawl Charleston group and Holy City Sinner have teamed up for a last minute ticket giveaway!

Winning couldn't be any easier. All you have to do is log-on to your Twitter account and say what your favorite Charleston food is, but be sure to include: "I can't wait to eat with @dishcrawlchas tomorrow! #dishcrawl" in the tweet.

For example your tweet could say: "My fav #CHS food is Shrimp & Grits! I can't wait to eat with @dishcrawlchas tomorrow! #dishcrawl"

That's it! It's that easy!

The Dishcrawl team will announce the winner by the end of tonight. The lucky winner will be given a promo code to get one FREE ticket to the Dishcrawl tomorrow night!

WHAT:  Dishcrawl Mt. Pleasant – Coleman Blvd.
WHERE: Various
WHEN: 2/19/12, 7 pm

Holy City Sinner