Fun with Mugshots: Volume 2

The first edition was pretty popular with you guys, so let's do it again! It's time for Fun With Mugshots (Volume 2)!

This gentleman racked up quite a few charges, but judging by those sleepy eyes, it should come as no surprise his charges include simple possession of marijuana, unlawful possession/consumption of alcohol, and possession of crack.

c2e880abd1dbfe49d59ab434331d9ae4Dude was having one heck of a one-man party


If you told me a suspect was accused of stabbing someone and then showed me this mugshot...

stabI would be inclined to say the charges are probably valid. Look at that scowling face! It looks like he's ready to stab the officer taking the photo! You're not helping your case, bud!


So wait, the disheveled-looking dude with the long, greasy hair was arrested on narcotics charges? Shocker...



Scrapes? Check. Blood stain on chin? Check. Throat tattoo? Check.

ffc5654e6b53f4c90d4e809298a47679Public intoxication charge? Check!


 You mean to tell me the lady in the protective straight jacket is charged with public intoxication and ill-treatment of a child? You don't say!



Holy City Sinner