Wait...What? Please stop talking...

I spend a lot of my day combing over Twitter, Facebook, and various news sites for possible updates for this blog. Well, that, and I’m huge news nerd. Regardless of the reasoning, I sometimes stumbled across some ridiculous headlines/stories that make me do a double-take.

Today was certainly one of those days. There were not one, but two instances of some outlandish comments being made about rape. For some reason politicians (see also and so on) and other entities have decided they need their opinions on rape to be heard. Sadly, most of their thoughts on the subject are outrageous, wildly outdated and/or flat-out wrong.

Here are the two examples:

  1. A College in Colorado told women to urinate or vomit to deter a rapist (CNN).
  2. While discussing this issue on Fox News, Bob Beckel decided to say, "When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?" (Salon).

I don't understand why these people (mostly older, way out-of-touch men) continue to make these asinine comments. Please, just stop talking...

Holy City Sinner