Haypenny S'MORES Contest

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***UPDATE 3/7/13*** - The Winner has been chosen! Congrats to Jennifer Immer for winning the FREE S'MOREGASBORD!!

Thank to Haypenny for teaming up with Holy City Sinner and thank you to everyone who entered! We'll try to do it again some day!

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I'm excited to announce that Holy City Sinner and Haypenny Confections are teaming up for a S'MOREGASBORD GIVEAWAY!

What's a S'moregasbord? Well, it's an amazing delicious party pack of Haypenny's s'mores with roasting sticks!! Multiple flavors of marshmallows will be included!

Trust me, you want to win this contest!

To enter, all you have to do is fill out the form below! It's that easy! You have until March 6th to enter! The winner will be contacted via e-mail.

The "password" you enter below can be anything you want, just make sure you remember it. You'll only be asked for it if there is some concern about the validity of the entry.

Good luck!

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