Fun With Mugshots: Vol 3 - The Dezzing Edition

It's time for the third installment of Fun With Mugshots! This one is dubbed the Dezzing edition.

Why? Because it's not often that your mugshot becomes a national phenomena or, at least, an internet sensation, but that's exactly what happened to (most likely soon to be former) Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant.

Bryant was arrested after allegedly "going to a neighbor's house inebriated and causing a commotion."

How trashed was he? Well, his mugshot pretty much answers that question for you..


The Harvard alum (seriously) ain't lookin so brilliant, is he?

His lovable mug has started an internet craze (thanks to Jimmy Kimmel) known as "Dezzing." You can see various Tweeters doing their best impression of Bryant here.

Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:


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Holy City Sinner