Gambling Issues in SC?

fitsnewsFITSNews has been reporting on a couple issues regarding gambling in the Palmetto State. I figured I'd pass them along because they are pretty explosive allegations.

I recommend reading the full articles over at FITS because they are quite interesting.

  1. One of their top, ongoing stories has been about the so-called "Lexington Ring."
    1. It started when Danny Frazier, a Lexington, SC city councilman implicated some state political and law enforcement officials in an alleged video poker ring.
    2. The story continued to spin out of control to the point that FITSNews connected it to not one murder, but possibly three.
    3. The website via their sources even implicated the SC Highway Patrol and a Lexington County sheriff in the operation.
    4. Eleven days ago the site said sources were telling them indictments were "imminent."
  2. They also reported on the recent ban of “Sweepstakes Machines” by the state Senate.
    1. The website alleges this move was to keep the state's monopoly on gambling with the Education Lottery.

Yikes! The first story is especially concerning but both are interesting and display the possible extent of corruption in this state's government.

It's a good thing I don't do a whole lot of gambling - especially anywhere in this state because who knows what trouble I'd run into. I'll stick to throwing my money away to online entities like Bodog.net, www.partybingo.com, or the casino back home, or my weekly poker games with friends. Wait, um I mean, no illegal poker games at a buddy's house. Nothing to see here FITSNews or Governor Haley, nothing to see here.

In all seriousness what do you guys think of the stories from FITS?



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