Myrtle Manor Round-Up

MyrtlemanorThe first episode of Welcome to Myrtle Manor is in the books. If you missed it, I'm sure it will be replayed a billion times over the coming months on TLC.  But, really, you didn't miss that much.

As expected, the show was quirky, cheesy, and not close to any sort of actual "reality." Highlights (I use this term loosely) included a minor disagreement over rent, a lovers' quarrel, and a naked grandma. I wish I was joking about the latter.

With that said, it will surely be a guilty pleasure for many of us. Plus, many Charlestonians have at least a passing interest in the show since it was filmed just a little ways up the highway from the Holy City.

Here's a round-up from local media regarding the new show:

Holy City Sinner