Fun With Mugshots Vol. 6

Well you Holy City sinners just can't get enough of making fun of everyone else's misfortunes, so it's back again!

It’s the sixth installment of Fun With Mugshots!!

Does it even matter what this guy was arrested for? I mean look at that mountain-man beard!!

beard(BTW It was two counts of trespassing, but you can be forgiven for thinking he was arrested for smuggling items in his beard)


This guy was arrested for DUI..

duiI'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say his DUI involved a car crash of some kind..


This volume of Fun With Mugshots could have easily been dubbed "The Ears Edition," because it's shocking that these dumbos got caught.

You would think they could hear the police coming for them a mile away..

ears1 ears2 ears3 ears4 ears5

 Too mean?

Holy City Sinner