Spring Jam Music Fest Preview: The Mowgli's

mowglisThe Spring Jam Music Fest is just days away and excitement in the Holy City continues to build! As one of the festival sponsors, I’m extra excited for this two-day event to start.

To help maintain that excitement, I will be offering small previews of each of the participating bands!

Name: The Mowgli's

Day performing: Saturday, March 23rd, 3 pm

Members: Michael Vincze (guitar), Colin Louis Dieden (vocals, guitar, percussion) Katie Jayne Earl (vocals, percussion), Matthew Di Panni  (bass), Josh Hogan (guitars), Dave Appelbaum (keys), Spencer Trent (percussion, guitar), Andy Warren (drums, percussion, vocals)

Website: Official website, Facebook page, SoundCloud, Band Camp

Genre: "Rock n Roll/folk/Pop/Country"

Record Label: Photo Finish / Island

Albums: Love's Not Dead (EP, 2012)

Where to find their music: iTunes, BandCamp, SoundCloud, and below.



Photo credit

Holy City Sinner