Former RiverDogs Win Yankees' Team Awards

Credit: Post & Courier

Credit: Post & Courier

The New York Yankees announced that two former Charleston RiverDogs had won team awards. Outfielder Tyler Austin (left) and pitcher Mark Montgomery were named winners of the Yankees’ 2012 Kevin Lawn Award as the team's minor league “Player of the Year” and “Pitcher of the Year,” respectively.

According to a press release from the RiverDogs, Austin led all Yankees minor league hitters in batting average for the second consecutive season, ranked third in RBI and fourth in stolen bases.

Austin has been through a lot in his short tenure within the New York organization, but it probably doesn't compare to what he went through as a teenager. At the age of 17 Austin was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The New York Daily News ran a profile on Austin which details his battle against the disease and his rise within the Yankees organization. You can read it here.

Montgomery spent part of 2011 in Charleston and split the 2012 season with Single-A Tampa and Double-A Trenton. He led all Yankee minor leaguers in saves.

The team provided the following list of former Kevin Lawn Award Winners:



                    Player of the Year                                            Pitcher of the Year

2012         OF Tyler Austin (GCL/CHA/TAM/TRE)         RHP Mark Montgomery (TAM/TRE)

2011         C Austin Romine (TRE/SWB)                           RHP D. J. Mitchell (SWB)

2010         SS Eduardo Nunez (SWB)                                  RHP David Phelps (TRE/SWB)

2009         C Austin Romine (TAM)                                    RHP Zach McAllister (TRE)

2008         OF Brett Gardner (SWB)                                    LHP Phil Coke (TRE/SWB)

2007         OF Austin Jackson (CHA/TAM/SWB)            RHP Ian Kennedy (TAM/TRE/SWB)

2006         1B Cody Ehlers (TAM)                                        RHP Phil Hughes (TRE)

2005         OF Kevin Thompson (COL/TRE)                     RHP Matt DeSalvo (TRE)

2004         1B Andy Phillips (COL/TRE)                             RHP Chien-Ming Wang (TRE/COL)

2003         C Dioner Navarro (TAM/TRE)                          RHP Jorge DePaula (COL)

2002         2B Andy Phillips (COL/NOR)                           LHP Danny Borrell (NOR/TAM)

RHP Jorge DePaula (NOR)

2001         OF Juan Rivera (COL/NOR)                              LHP Brandon Claussen (NOR/TAM)

OF Marcus Thames (NOR)

2000         3B Scott Seabol (NOR)                                       LHP Randy Keisler (COL)

1999         2B D’Angelo Jimenez (COL)                            LHP Ed Yarnall (COL)

1B Nick Johnson (NOR)

1998         1B Nick Johnson (TAM)                                     RHP Ryan Bradley (TAM/NOR/COL)

1997         3B Mike Lowell (COL/NOR)                             LHP Eric Milton (NOR/TAM)

1996         OF Ricky Ledee (COL/NOR)                             RHP Jay Tessmer (TAM)

1995         SS Derek Jeter (COL)                                          RHP Matt Drews (TAM)

1994         SS Derek Jeter (TAM/ALB/COL)                     LHP Andy Pettitte (COL/ALB)

1993         OF Billy Masse (COL)                                          LHP Ryan Karp (ALB/PRW/GBO)

1992         1B J.T. Snow (COL)                                               RHP Sam Militello (COL)

1991         C Kiki Hernandez (GBO/PW)                           RHP Ed Martel (ALB/COL)

SS Dave Silvestri (ALB)                                      RHP Sam Militello (PW/ALB)

1990         OF Hensley Meulens (COL)                             RHP Dave Eiland (COL)

1989         1B Hal Morris (COL)                                            LHP Steve Adkins (FTL/ALB)

1988         1B Kevin Maas (PRW/ALB)                               RHP Todd Malone (Sarasota)

1987         OF Darren Reed (COL)                                       RHP Dana Ridenour (FTL)

1986         3B Chris Alvarez (FTL)                                        RHP Logan Easley (ALB)

1985         OF Dan Pasqua (COL)                                         RHP Brad Arnsberg (ALB)

1984         C/OF Scott Bradley (COL)                                 LHP Jim Deshaies (COL)

1983         OF Brian Dayett (COL)                                       RHP Jose Rijo (FTL/Nashville)

1982         OF Matt Winters (GBO/Nashville)                RHP Bob Tewksbury (FTL)

1981         1B Don Mattingly (COL)                                    LHP Pete Filson (FTL/Nashville)

1980         1B Steve Balboni (Nashville)                          RHP Gene Nelson (FTL)



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