A little April Tomfoolery

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

It seems as though we have our first instance of April Tomfoolery in Charleston.

A Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to a new double-decker tour bus company have been making the Holy City Internet rounds this morning.

Once I finally got around to looking at the business, it was pretty clear it was a hoax. Besides the clearly photo-shopped pictures, there is also the claim about Hootie & the Blowfish filming a music video on one of the buses.

I appreciate the effort and I'm sure a few folks fell for it, but fear not Charlestonians, there will not be any huge buses clogging up the peninsula...yet.

***UPDATE, 4/1/13, 3:36 pm***: In case you didn't believe me, the folks behind the Charleston Double Decker Bus "company" have admitted it was all a prank.

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