Fun With Mugshots Vol. 7

Ok you Holy City Sinners - it’s the seventh installment of Fun With Mugshots!!

This gentleman was brought in for public intoxication, which is only mildly surprising...

105e30aba5a6c4c5046af9a9c26f7289The surprising part being that he left his shack in the woods long enough to get arrested.


Meanwhile his backwoods brethren was brought in for trespass after notice..



Ah come on! This guy is 74! Let him commit whatever crime he wants!



Now, to be fair, this next guy could have had the marijuana for medical purposes..

642c2a1182e7fc3560b0ecb4cd7ffdd0I mean look at that head wound! Who wouldn't need some pot to ease that pain?


These four winners were arrested together on drug charges...

215e5384d9b3d46b3dbfe04cce8296fcYup, that's about right.


Surprisingly, this man was NOT brought in for a marijuana-related offense..


For the record he was brought in for having an open container


And for our final guy, insert the same joke here

f20261bf611453b1c458ea0e4db12bbfAlso had an open container

Holy City Sinner