More Southern Charm Casting Rumors

Sermet Aslan and John David Madison. Photo by Ben Le Clercq.

Madison (right)
From: Charleston Mercury

After the initial 24-hour whirlwind of information and rumors regarding  Southern Charm, an upcoming Charleston-based reality show, things finally quieted down.

That lull may now be over.

A source with a connection to the Bravo show has told Holy City Sinner a few more details about the program, including the names of some previously unknown cast members.

The source said entrepreneur John David (J.D.) Madison will be included in the Southern Charm cast. Madison has an impressive portfolio in the Holy City. He owns Gents Barberspa/Ladies Pamperspa, Leaf Cafe + Bar and Sermet's Downtown/The Mezz.

He also held "top positions" at the Mills House Hotel, Wild Dunes Resort and Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Plus, Madison partnered on The Unhotel, which seems to have led to Madison Signature Rental Properties.

Meanwhile two separate sources have confirmed that Craig Conover, a College of Charleston graduate, will be on the show. Conover is currently a student at the Charleston School of Law.

Madison and Conover join the original rumored cast of Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith.

I was also told a few other College of Charleston alumni will be on the show, but I have not been able to independently verify their names.

Attempts to reach any of the involved parties mentioned were unsuccessful.

Apparently, there will be some women featured on the show, but they will be secondary to the male cast. It should be noted that the show has only recently begun filming and details like that could change as the material they record dictates.

Stay tuned for more details as they are confirmed...

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